Life groups have one, simple purpose: to bring people together!  We believe God created us to live in relationship with others and only then can we live the full life He intends for us.  Sharing life through community is part of our design, but meaningful relationships aren’t always easy to find.  That’s why life groups exist – to make these life-changing relationships relevant and accessible to you. We have a variety of groups…some meet in a home setting where we have a meal and a discussion with one another, while others may meet at the Church before or after service.  No matter your current life situation, we have a group for you!  Children are welcome and encouraged to come, we have activities for them too.  We also need help starting more life groups, if you are interested in becoming a Host for a life group please let us know!
Life Group Weekly Questions:
How do we dress at a Life Group?
Life Groups are meant to be comfortable and casual!  So we welcome you to dress in whatever makes you most comfortable.
What do we talk about at Life Groups?
Life Groups are Sermon based questions, so we will discuss pre-selected questions based on the previous weeks sermon.  
What are the ages of children that can come to daycare that is provided?
We can watch any child no matter their age!  We welcome children that are teen and older to join in on our group.
Can I lead or host a group?
YES!  We are always looking to start new groups.  If you are interested in being a host and providing your home for groups to meet in or if you would like to lead a group we welcome you to contact us!
Who is a Life Group for?
EVERYONE! We have groups for all ages and for all walks of life!  We know you will have no problem finding a Life Group that fits your current life situation.
How do I know what Life Group is best for me?
You can contact us for assistance in placing you in a Life Group or you can try a few out for yourself and see which works best for you!
Are there any Life Groups that are not Sermon based?
YES! We have a variety of classes offered.  You can join a Life Group on Sunday Mornings at 9:30am that are mostly lecture based lessons or you can check out one of our new exciting classes we are offering:  Discipleship Class will be led by Tony Russell and Family & marriage will be led by John Wilson & Jason Bay.  Contact us for more info on these.
Who is the best person for me to contact about more information that is not listed here regarding Life Groups?
Our Life Group leader! Jeremy Wion will be happy to answer any of your questions.  You can contact him at: 936.730.5585 or
LEADER: Gary Mayrant
HOST: Dr. Jones
537 Cherry Hills Drive
Huntsville, Tx 77340
WHEN: Mondays at 6pm
For more info contact:
Mr. or Mrs. Jones
LEADER: Nick Bonacci
HOST: Chuck & Stephanie Jones
1600 Avenue R
Huntsville, Tx 77340
WHEN: Sundays at 6pm
Child care is provided at the FLC!
For more info contact:
Stephanie Jones
LEADER: David & Jackie Ward
HOST: Bill & Linda Edgington
LOCATION: 2011 Avenue S
Huntsville, Tx 77340
WHEN: Sundays at 6pm
For more info contact:
Linda Edgington
LEADER: Margaret White
HOST: Margaret White
3690 Spring Drive
Huntsville, Tx 77340
WHEN: Sundays at 4pm
For more info contact:
Margaret White